Stephens County Hospital COVID-19 Daily Update

Stephens County Hospital COVID-19 Testing:

  • Tests completed: 759
  • Positive Results: 85
  • Negative Results: 651
  • Pending Results: 23


Hospital Updates

  • We currently have no patients hospitalized at Stephens County Hospital with a confirmed positive test result for COVID-19
  • 62 patients that we have treated for COVID-19 at Stephens County Hospital or Stephens County Hospital Physician Group Clinics have now fully recovered.
  • We are continuing our testing at WorkWell Occupational Medicine & Immediate Care Clinic. If you would like to be tested, please call WorkWell at 706-282-5815 to arrange testing which can be done Monday – Friday. We are also offering testing at Stephens County Hospital Physician Group Internal Medicine for patients of that practice and at Currahee Pediatrics for pediatric patients of that practice.
  • We are also offering COVID-19 Antibody Testing through our outpatient lab by a doctor’s order. This is a blood test that may be able to show if you have been exposed to COVID-19. This is not to show if you have an active infection. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have symptoms or think you currently have COVID-19. The test may also not detect if you’ve been exposed in all cases because it can take at least two weeks after exposure for you to develop antibodies.