Joint Replacement

Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacements

Do you suffer from hip, knee or shoulder arthritis? These chronic conditions, which afflicts millions of Americans, cause joint pain that can severely limit movement and impact your quality of life. If you’ve tried everything from physical therapy to prescription medications and nothing relieves your pain, then you might be a candidate for joint replacement surgery. 

About Hip Replacement

The hip is one of the body's largest weight-bearing joints.  Osteoarthritis of the hip causes pain and stiffness, making it hard to do everyday activities like bending over to tie a shoe, rising from a chair, or taking a short walk.  Total hip replacement  is recommended for people with bone-on-bone osteoarthritis.  Dr. Vaughn is now offering a minimally invasive hip replacement called the Anterior Approach.  This anterior approach to total hip replacement provides the potential for less pain, faster recovery, and improved mobility because the muscle tissues are spared during the surgical procedure.


About Knee Replacement

The knee is the largest hinge-type joint in the body. Knee problems are common and can occur from injury, wear and tear, or disease, such as arthritis. For many, knee replacement is the only way to relieve pain, restore function and improve quality of life. Total knee replacement  is commonly recommended for cases of severe arthritis in which all of the knee cartilage has completely worn away.


About Shoulder Replacement

Your shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint, and it has the greatest range of motion of all the joints in your body. Injury, arthritis, and overuse can cause the cartilage in the shoulder joint to degenerate, leading to pain, weakness, and decreased range of motion. Total shoulder replacement  is recommended for people with bone-on-bone osteoarthritis and intact rotator cuff tendons. The damaged head of the humerus (upper arm bone) is replaced with a metal ball and the shoulder socket is replaced with plastic.

At Stephens County Orthopedics, we are proud to have helped hundreds of people recover their knee or shoulder function and eliminate or minimize their pain. With diligent follow-up care after surgery and a total rehabilitation program, we will help you get back to living the active life you deserve.


How Can Joint Replacement Help Me?

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis and typically develops as people grow older. It erodes the protective cartilage that covers your joints and allows the bones to glide smoothly during motion. When this happens, the bones rub together, causing friction and pain. During joint replacement surgery, also called arthroplasty or joint reconstruction, the damaged portion of the shoulder or knee is removed and replaced with an artificial joint that functions just like a healthy joint and allows for pain-free movement.

There are a greater variety of artificial joints available now than ever and our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Christopher Vaughn,  thoroughly evaluate your condition and decide which option is the best for your individual needs.

Dr. Vaughn has specialized training in total hip replacement, total knee replacement, and total shoulder replacement.

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