Audiometric Testing

Hearing Conservation

The Stephens County Hospital Occupational Health Services hearing conservation program (Audiometric Testing) is a comprehensive program designed to monitor the noise levels of an environment and protect the auditory capabilities of your organization’s workers. Our audiometric testing program complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Code of Federal Regulations 1910.95

Audiometric Testing

  • Conducted by CAOHC-certified technician
  • Otoscopic evaluation of the ear canal
  • In-depth hearing history questionnaire
  • Documented equipment calibration reports


  • Employee evaluation letters
  • Standard Threshold Shift (STS)
  • Record Keeping

Program Benefits

  • Encourage consistent hearing protection practices
  • Decrease downtime/increase productivity

Employee Education/Training

  • Presentation on fundamentals of hearing conservation
  • Hearing protection device training
  • Question & Answer session for employees

Keep Your Employees Safe!

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