Our Hospital’s emergency room and hospitalist providers are staffed by SouthlandMD, the same physician group providing excellent patient care at healthcare facilities throughout Georgia.

What is a Hospitalist? It is a dedicated in-patient physician who works exclusively in a hospital. Stephens County Hospital’s Hospitalist Program consists of a team of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Patient Information Coordinators who have chosen to focus their care on patients in the hospital. In keeping with Stephens County Hospital’s tradition of care, the Hospitalist team provides professional, compassionate and respectful care to all our patients.

If your Primary Care Physician admits you into the hospital they can refer you to the care of our Hospitalist Program. Or, if you do not have a Primary Care Physician, your care will be provided by our Hospitalists. There are many advantages of being under the care of a Hospitalist. Our Hospitalist team specializes in treating hospitalized patients and is an extension of your Primary Care Physician.

Benefits of Having Hospitalist Care:

  • Hospitalists are experts in treating illness in the hospital
  • The Hospitalist's Office is located inside the hospital
  • Hospitalists are here 24/7 and provide around the clock care
  • Hospitalists coordinate daily care with patient’s Primary Care Physician
  • Hospitalists coordinate daily care with nursing staff
  • Hospitalists areavailable to see a patient more than once a day if needed
  • Hospitalists are readily available to meet with family members
  • Immediate follow-up on same day testing
  • Facilitates communication between different Physicians who may be caring for a patient
  • Hospitalists are available to discharge patients throughout the day and evening