Patient Rights & Responsibilities/Grievances

Our policy regarding patient rights and responsibilities is based on the Hospital Authority’s philosophy and belief that the basic rights and responsibilities of human beings for independence of expression, decision, action, and concern for personal dignity are vitally important in the survival and recovery of a patient. Because of this belief, it is a prime responsibility of Stephens County Hospital to assure that these rights and responsibilities are preserved in our patients. 

Patient Rights

  • Access to Care                                
  • Respect and Dignity                                                                      
  • Privacy and Confidentiality                                                          
  • Pain Management                                                                          
  • Personal Safety                                                                             
  • Identity and Professional Status                                                    
  • Information Regarding Treatment and Care
  • Patient Grievances                         
  • Communication                                                                             
  • Consent
  • Consultation
  • Refusal of Treatment
  • Transfer and Continuity of Care

Patient Responsibilities

  • Provision of Information
  • Compliance Instructions
  • Refusal of Treatment
  • Hospital Charges
  • Hospital Rules and Regulations
  • Hospital Rules and Regulations
  • Respect and Consideration

The Stephens County Hospital Patient Rights & Responsibilities Policy and the Patient Complaints & Patient Grievances Policy is available below which explains a patient’s rights and responsibilities regarding services and treatment as well as addressing patient grievances.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Complaints/Patient Grievances