Sport Injuries

Sports Injury Treatment in Northeast Georgia

If you’ve been sidelined by a painful sports injury, call Stephens County Orthopedics. Northeast Georgia’s Dr. Christopher Vaughn specializes in treating physically active and athletic people of all ages in Stephens County and surrounding areas. Our experienced medical team also provides orthopedic care for local college athletes, as well as those from multiple high schools and middle schools in the Northeast Georgia region.

Types of Sports Injuries Treated in Stephens County

Some of the most common sports injuries we see and treat include:

  • Knee ligament tear  (ACL, MCL, LCL)
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Acromioclavicular (AC) separation: the joint that connects the shoulder blade to the collarbone
  • Rotator cuff tear: the group of muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder
  • Meniscal (cartilage) tear
  • Ankle sprain
  • Achilles tendon rupture
  • Tennis elbow
  • Hamstring strain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Shin splints
  • Iliotibial band syndrome: band of tissue that extends from the hip to the knee)
  • Patellar (kneecap) tendonitis

Your Stephens County Orthopedics Team

Dr. Vaughn and our orthopedic team primarily focus on treating sports injuries affecting the shoulder and knee. The orthopedic team's #1 goal is your goal: to get you back to the activities you enjoy as quickly and safely as possible.  

Sports Injury Treatment

Most of the time treatment involves physical therapy or other conservative methods and surgery is not necessary. But when surgery is the best course of action, our Orthopedic Surgery Team is expert in minimally invasive, arthroscopic treatment of the knee and shoulder as well as joint replacement surgery.

Orthopedic Treatment Near Me

The providers at Stephens County Orthopedics have helped hundreds of people recover from sports injuries and reclaim their lifestyles. Let us help you, too. To schedule an appointment, call us today in Toccoa at (706) 282-5845.