Stephens County Hospital COVID-19 Daily Update

Stephens County Hospital COVID-19 Testing:

  • Tests completed: 741                                                       
  • Positive Results: 81
  • Negative Results: 625
  • Pending Results: 35

Hospital Updates

  • We currently have no patients hospitalized at Stephens County Hospital with a confirmed positivetest result for COVID-19
  • 59 patients that we have treated for COVID-19 at Stephens County Hospital or Stephens County Hospital Physician Group Clinics have now fully recovered.
  • We have discontinued our drive-through testing site. This is largely due to the declining number of people coming through this testing site. If you had previously planned on using this testing site, we invite you to contact WorkWell Occupational Medicine & Immediate Care Clinic at 706-282-5815 to arrange testing which can be done Monday – Friday. We are also offering testing at Stephens County Hospital Physician Group Internal Medicine for patients of that practice and at Currahee Pediatrics for pediatric patients of that practice.
  • We are now offering COVID-19 Antibody Testing through our outpatient lab by a doctor’s order. This is a blood test that may be able to show if you have been exposed to COVID-19. This is not to show if you have an active infection. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have symptoms or think you currently have COVID-19. The test may also not detect if you’ve been exposed in all cases because it can take at least two weeks after exposure for you to develop antibodies.