Sleep Lab Technologist/Respiratory Therapist

The Sleep Lab Technologist/Respiratory Therapist is responsible for administering testing, monitoring patients during testing and performing general housekeeping duties in the Sleep Lab. In addition the Sleep Lab Technologist/Respiratory Therapist is responsible to render respiratory care procedures as required. The therapist may perform bronchodilators and oxygen therapy, airway management, and pulmonary hygiene techniques, diagnostic procedures and patient education. 



  • Completion of training in an AMA-approved school of Respiratory Therapy
  • Advanced education in sleep technology, and the ability to either possess or be eligible for the Registry exam for sleep medicine administered by the BRPT


  • BLS certification within first month of employment 
  • Current Georgia Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCP) license
  • Certification by the NBRC for either RRT and/or RSPGT or SDS


  • Prior experience in polysomnography and Respiratory Care