Stephens County Hospital
COVID-19 Daily Update 06/16/2020
Stephens County Hospital COVID-19 Testing:

  • Total Tests completed: 1,420
  • Positive Results Received: 152
  • 120 Total Patients have tested Positive, some have tested positive on multiple occasions.
  • Negative Results Received: 1,210
  • Pending Results: 58

Hospital Updates

  • We currently have 2 patients hospitalized at Stephens County Hospital with a confirmed positive test result for COVID-19 and 2 awaiting results.
  • 107 patients that we have treated for COVID-19 at Stephens County Hospital or Stephens County Hospital Physician Group Clinics have now fully recovered.
  • We have revised our Daily Update to show the total number of tests we have completed, but also show how many individuals have tested positive. In some cases, we will test an individual multiple times to monitor when they are no longer positive for the virus. The number reported to DPH is the number of individuals which is what shows on our county data. We also report the total number of tests completed to DPH so that they can monitor how many tests are being conducted.
  • Stephens County Hospital has recently received confirmation that an employee at the Clary Care Center has tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19). This employee has worn a mask and any other needed personal protective equipment required when in contact with residents. The employee is on quarantine at home and will not be returning to work until the employee has tested negative. As a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of our residents and employees, we decided to test all residents and staff in our Personal Care Homes.
  • In total, 85 residents were tested. 3 have tested positive at the Clary Care Center and 2 have tested positive at the Wilkinson Center. Of the 51 employees that were tested, 1 has tested positive. We are thankful that all those who have tested positive are not showing any signs of illness, but we are monitoring this situation extremely closely and taking every precaution to prevent further spread of the virus. No visitors are allowed at either of these facilities and all residents are isolated. We are not transferring any of these residents to other facilities unless they begin to show symptoms of illness requiring hospitalization. All staff are wearing full protective equipment and are strictly following CDC guidelines for infection prevention. We will provide additional updates as they come available.