Stephens County Hospital

COVID-19 Daily Update 07/20/2020

Stephens County Hospital COVID-19 Testing:

- Total Tests completed: 3,775

- Positive Results Received: 670

      - 548 Total Patients have tested Positive, some have tested positive on multiple          occasions.

- Negative Results Received: 3,062

- Pending Results: 43

Hospital Updates

- We currently have 5 patients hospitalized at Stephens County Hospital who are positive for COVID-19 and 1 other who is hospitalized awaiting results.

- We are updating some of our policies for visitation in the hospital. Beginning Wednesday,  July 22nd , Patients will be allowed 1 support person for:

- Outpatient Surgery

- Outpatient Infusions

- ER Visits

- Inpatient admissions (with the exception of patients being treated and testing positive for     COVID-19)

- End of life discussions

- Labor and Delivery

- All individuals will be screened for temperature upon entry to the hospital. Anyone with a temperature of 100.3 or who is sick will not be allowed to be a patient’s support person in the hospital.



• Department of Public Health COVID-19 Hotline: 844-442-2681

• Stephens County Health Department: 706-282-4507

Testing Locations (by appointment):

• Franklin County Health Dept: 706-384-5575

• Habersham County Health Dept: 706-778-7156

• Hall County Health Dept: 770-531-5600

WorkWell Occupational Medicine & Immediate Care Clinic does have testing capabilities for patients suspected of having COVID-19. Testing is done by appointment and only following assessment by a medical provider of that clinic. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and wish to be assessed at WorkWell, please call 706-282-5815.