Paramedic/EMT/AEMT/EMTI - PRN 12 and 24 Hour shifts Various days

Stephens County Hospital is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, pregnancy, marital status, national origin, citizenship status, disability, military status, sexual orientation, genetic predisposition, carrier status or any other legally protected status.


Paramedic/EMT/AEMT/EMTI - PRN 12 and 24 Hour shifts/Various days


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The Paramedic responds to all ambulance calls providing medical evaluation and treatment to patients:

  • Obtains vital information on emergency calls – to include name, address/location, call back number and nature of illness and/or accident.
  • Establishes which EMS station should respond according to boundary lines set forth by EMS Manager.
  • Administers appropriate treatment to patients at the scene and enroute to destination: 
    • Patients with medical illnesses and/or injuries, Trauma Patients, Cardiac Patients, Burn Patients, OB/GYN Patients
  • Triages patients according to medical condition.
  • Transports based on patient’s status.
  • Provides necessary radio communication concerning patient’s condition while enroute to receiving facility:
    •  Identifies unit number, patient’s age and sex, chief complaint, level of consciousness, vital signs, pupils, lung sounds, skin color and temperature, pertinent past medical history, pertinent medications, pertinent allergies, patient’s physician, care and treatment rendered, request of any physician orders, and estimated time of arrival.
  • Maintains required log of ambulance calls and necessary reports and related forms.
  • Checks equipment and supply check at the beginning of each shift and completes check-off list.
  • Reports any malfunction to the shift supervisor or EMS Manager.
  • Retrieves used equipment and restocks all supplies.
  • Performs any necessary service to place the unit back into operation for the next call.
  • Completes shift supervisory duties:
    • Oversees operations of assigned shifts, collects data and establishes facts on shift events and reports to EMS Manager, prepares daily shift supervisory report.
  • Performs pulmonary ventilation by Combitube:
    • (1) Hyper-oxygenates the patient with 100% oxygen, (2) Selects all appropriate equipment, (3) Inserts the device, (4) Checks breath sounds and inflates the cuffs, and (5) Rechecks proper tube placement.
  • Performs Cardiac Arrest Management/AED:
    • (1) Turns on defibrillator power, (2) Attaches AED to the patient, (3) Initiates analysis of the rhythm, (4) delivers shock, and (5) verifies absence of pulse.
  • Renders care to patients in the field according to the standing orders or under the direct order of a Doctor.
  • Administers injections to include: Chronotropic Agents and Hypertonic Glucose.
  • Determines appropriate route of administration.
  • Injects medications ensuring correct dosage.
  • Checks to ensure that all medications have not expired.
  • Demonstrates familiarity with indications and contraindication of all medications


Completion of accredited Paramedic Program/ accredited EMT Program.

Licensed as an Parmedic through the Georgia Division of Public Health/Georgia EMT. Valid Georgia driver’s license meeting insurability requirements.

Valid Georgia Driver’s License meeting insurability requirements

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