COVID-19 Daily Update for Stephens County Hospital

COVID-19 Testing Statistics

  • Tests completed: 689
  • Positive Results: 81
  • Negative Results: 601
  • Pending Results: 7

Hospital Updates

We currently have no patients hospitalized with a confirmed positive test result for COVID-19,
but there are 3 currently hospitalized who are awaiting results In total, we’ve treated 84 patients, either in our clinics or in our hospital, who tested positive for COVID-19 (some tested at other facilities and sent to us for treatment). 54 of those have now
fully recovered.

We are continuing our Drive-through testing site which is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, andnFridays, 9 AM to 3 PM. So far, we’ve tested 137 people through that drive-through testing site. We will continue to offer that service for the community. You’ll need a doctor’s order to be tested, and you can get that from your primary care provider, or from our WorkWell Immediate Care Clinic. There is no cost to obtain an order from our WorkWell clinic or from any of our primary care providers and there is no cost to be tested, but you do need to have that doctor’s order when you arrive at the testing site. If you have insurance, we will submit charges to your insurance with no out-of-pocket cost and if you don’t have insurance, the government is reimbursing us for the cost, so don’t worry about inability to pay for COVID-19 assessments, testing, or treatment.