How It Works

Sleep testing is a one-fee service provided by the Diagnostic Sleep Laboratory at Stephens County Hospital. Our own Respiratory Therapy staff, who has received additional training for sleep studies, will conduct and monitor the patient’s sleep exam. The testing suite is furnished and arranged much like a residential bedroom. The morning after the test, the patient can shower and have breakfast at the hospital and begin their day like any other. Monitoring devices such as low-light video cameras, intercoms, EEG/EKG and respiratory support equipment are used to record during sleep for interpretation. Once the test results are scored, typically within a week, a copy of the sleep study along with an interpretation will be sent to the referring physician. If the need for a CPAP trial is recommended, Stephens County Hospital Diagnostic Sleep Laboratory can make arrangements for the trial directly with the patient if you wish. Again, you will be informed as the test results and any recommendations.