How Sleep Testing Works

Diagnostic sleep testing is one of the many services offered by our team of professionals at Stephens County Hospital. Our Diagnostic Sleep Laboratory in Toccoa provides a one-fee service for our community. The Stephens County Hospital Sleep Center staff will conduct and monitor all sleep testing and exams. Our team of Licensed Respiratory Therapists have received specific additional training in sleep and will work to perform testing that is comfortable and effective in helping you achieve a restful night’s sleep. 

Stephens County Sleep Testing Suite

The sleep testing suite at Stephens County Hospital was intentionally created with your comfort in mind. The suite is furnished and arranged much like a residential bedroom. The morning following your sleep test, you may shower in your suite and have breakfast, keeping to your typical morning routine. Our desire is for you to feel at home as we monitor and test sleep patterns. 
During your stay in the suite, monitoring devices will be used to perform the sleep exam. Devices such as low-light video cameras, intercoms, EEG/EKG and respiratory support equipment are used to record during sleep for interpretation.

Sleep Testing Results

Your sleep testing results are typically scored within three days of the on-site exam. A copy of your sleep study, along with an interpretation of the results, will be sent to the referring physician. 

If a CPAP trial is also recommended, Stephens County Hospital Diagnostic Sleep Center can complete this for you very son following your initial appointment.  Your Physician will receive a copy of the exam following the exam