Childbirth Education Classes

Having a baby is one of the biggest moments in your life and we will be your guide throughout your pregnancy. As part of this, we offer Childbirth Education Classes that combine prenatal education, prepared childbirth, surgical birth preparation, and infant care while in the hospital. This is not a Lamaze only class. We do, however, prepare you for labor and give you breathing and relaxation techniques.

The class will cover the following:

  • Introduction to class, admission procedures, and a tour of the New Impressions Unit.
  • Vaginal deliveries – from admission to the delivery of your newborn.
  • Cesarean deliveries – when it is necessary, getting ready, delivery, and what to expect in the recovery period.
  • Infant Care – what to expect, circumcision information, breastfeeding information, and getting you ready to take your newborn home.

These classes should be taken between 30 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Be sure to bring a pillow and a blanket with you to class.  You will also need to bring cash or debit/credit card for the lunch break.

Call 706-282-5860 to register for the Childbirth Education class.