SCH COVID-19 Infrastructure Fund

Keeping Stephens Strong Together

We are extremely appreciative of the outpouring of support from Toccoa-Stephens County in wanting to help our heroic healthcare professionals and contribute to keeping them and our patients safe.


Ways You Can Help

In these unprecendted times, we want to say thank you in advance for asking how you can help. As a non-profit healthcare system, we need you, your support and prayers. We are so profoundly grateful you have taken the time to reach out.

You can help in three different ways:

1- Cloth Mask Donations  

2- Make a Financial Donation 

3- Submit your ideas

Cloth Mask Donations


Stephens County Hospital will accept donated cloth masks. 
Linked Here is one pattern that is suitable for patient masks. In addition, the specifications for patient cloth masks are fairly broad, so patterns that have been shared on the internet are also appropriate.

When Masks, Food, Supplies, or any other items are ready to be donated please Click Here to email our donations coordinator and we’ll let you know the drop off procedure.

Make a Financial Donation

Stephens County Hospital has set up a fund to support the crisis.

The COVID Infrastructure Fund helps support critical needs, like:

  1. ​Hospital modifications for our COVID unit
  2. Equipment, technology, and operating costs (including ventilaor purchased, PPE, and all associated support)

To donate please Click Here.