Accountant-Cash Posting

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The Cash Posting Accountant is responsible for answering inquiries in the Accounting Office, writing receipts, processing mail and window cash, billing manual accounts receivable, and balancing the cash drawer at the end of the day.

  • Collects charges for contract and Accounts Receivable accounts, enters on CPSI in proper sequence and bills accordingly.
  • Posts payments accurately and enters adjustments for contractual write-offs.
  • Handles inquiries regarding Accounts Receivable and contract accounts.
  • Balances cash drawer at the following times:
    • Places $300.00 in Drawer 1 and $50.00 in Drawer 2 upon arrival each morning.
    • Upon completion of the window deposit (as soon as possible after 1:00 PM) and at the end of each business day, refers any discrepancies to Business Office Manager.
  • Provides written explanation to Manager if at any time the drawer is “short”.
  • Prepares the deposits for the courier prior to 1:00 p.m. and obtains courier signature for the bag each day.
  • After receiving daily mail receipts from the Administrative office, copies checks in sequence and separates according to their groups.
  • Groups checks for deposit, researches for payment to correct accounts and posts the following morning.
  • Ensures that deposits and posted amounts are in balance.
  • Follows-up on any checks with missing information and posts to correct account.  Calculates PPO discounts, write-offs, rejections, and Worker’s Comp adjustments and post daily.
  • Copies insurance remittances for Patient Account Representatives and files in date order.  Stores daily patient and insurance check copies for six months then disposes of.  Stores copies of general ledger payments and credit card billing statements permanently.
  • Processes rejections on a daily basis when received from Patient Account Representative.
  • Computes contractual adjustments on Medicare and Medicaid remittances and posts to patient accounts.
  • Copies remittances and gives to Patient Account Representative and files originals for permanent storage.
  • Maintains 2-day closing period once cash is posted ensuring correct for insurance accounts to be billed accurately.
  • Obtains report from Data Processing and scans for exaggerated charges.  Maintains reports in monthly order.
  • Obtains monthly receipts at end of each month and distributes the original to Accounting.
  • Cashes all checks applied to the general ledger; submits to the accounting department for audit purposes.
  • Posts end of month charges, prints and mails.
  • Posts electronic payments daily and balances electronic payment against cash report from accounting department.
  • Verifies that all electronic bank deposits are posted before closing out month.

High school graduate or equivalent required.

Evidenced skills in typing and bookkeeping.

Basic knowledge of CRT operation, insurance principles, and their application.

APPLY for this Opportunity