Orthopedics / Total Joint Replacement

Stephens County Hospital is at the forefront of orthopedic services including minimally invasive procedures and Total Joint Replacement. Our goal is to help you return to a full and active pain free lifestyle and work with you to develop strategies to improve your health. Our team of orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic specialists, specially trained nurses, and rehabilitation specialists work to provide quality, compassionate care for patients and their families.

Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with a metal, plastic or ceramic device called prosthesis.  The prosthesis is designed to replicate the movement of a normal, healthy joint.

Stephens County Hospital has been awarded a Certification of Distinction in Total Joint Replacement – knee and hip by the Joint Commission. To achieve certification, Stephens County Hospital is required to demonstrate compliance in consensus-based national standards as well as consistent use of appropriate, evidence-based clinical practices for hip and knee replacement.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Stephens County Hospital specializes in Anterior Approach Hip Replacement surgery.  This less invasive surgical option for hip replacement is an advanced surgical technique in which an incision is made in the front of the hip rather than to the side or back of the hip. Our specialized Joint Team is equipped to care for our Total Joint Replacement patients and get them back into life!

Benefits of Anterior Approach

Advantages of Anterior Approach Hip Replacement:

  • Decreased hospital stay
  • Reduced pain
  • Smaller incision
  • Less invasive procedure
  • Fast recovery
  • Less damage to major muscles
  • Decreased risk of dislocation
  • More accurate leg length
  • Better range of motion


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