Patient Rights

Our policy regarding patient rights and responsibilities is based on the Hospital Authority’s philosophy and belief that the basic rights of human beings for independence of expression, decision, action, and concern for personal dignity and human relationships are vitally important in the survival and recovery of a patient. Because of this belief, it is a prime responsibility of Stephens County Hospital to assure that these rights are preserved in our patients. In providing care, Stephens County Hospital has the right to expect behavior on the part of patients and their relatives and friends which, considering the nature of their illness, is reasonable and responsible. In this policy, the term “patient” also includes the parents of a neonate, child, or adolescent as well as the legal guardian of any patient.

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Patient Right & Responsibilities


Reporting Concerns

The patient or the representative of the patient has the right to lodge a grievance regarding the patient’s care or perceived abuse or neglect.  Grievances may be lodged either verbally or in writing to the attending nurse or other employee involved in care of the patient or to the Nursing Supervisor on duty.  Grievances may also be lodged with the Administrator by calling extension 4251 while in the hospital or 706-282-4251 if outside the hospital.  Grievances may also be mailed to the Administrator.

Medicare beneficiaries have the right to file a grievance for coverage issues and coverage limitations per Medicare policy.

If your concerns cannot be resolved by Stephens County Hospital , you may report them to our accrediting body or the state agency.

Patient grievances may also be lodged by contacting the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Office of Regulatory Services at 404-657-5726 or (800) 878-6442.

An individual with concerns about patient care and safety at Stephens County Hospital that is not addressed by hospital management may contact the Joint Commission at 800-994-6610.