Outpatient Infusion Service

Our outpatient infusion service is able to meet the needs of those patients that require infusion or injection therapy. These medical services can help avoid a hospital admission. By eliminating the need for extended hospital stays, these services allow each patient the convenience of receiving required treatments locally within the hospital and the convenience of returning to their regular schedule at home and work.

Infusion Services:

  • Antibiotic Therapy Blood Transfusions Intravenous (IV) Therapy
  • Dressing Changes
  • Medication Infusions
  • Injections Care of Vascular Devices (PICC, Ports, etc.)

Who can order Outpatient Infusion Services?

A physician’s order is required for treatment. If your physician is not a member of SCH medical staff and you should need further medical care while receiving this treatment, our hospitalist would be able to assist with any treatment, complications, etc. This physician will also be able to communicate with your primary physician if it becomes necessary. Our ER physicians can order your first therapy, but you will need to have a staff physician as your primary provider for any additional treatments.

How to set-up your Outpatient Infusion Services:

Your physician may contact Outpatient Services at 706.282.4339 or the Nursing Supervisor at 706.282.4200. Social Services can assist with scheduling or other possible needs at 706.282.4148.